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Baillieu Library Renovations NEWS & UPDATES: Home


Keep up to date with renovations at the Baillieu this year! We are creating more study spaces for you!

What's going on at the Baillieu?

The second floor has been looking a little unloved for sometime, so it's time to drag it into the 21st Century.

It's about to undergo a much needed and extensive renovation to create even more study spaces (and extra toilets), as well as an increase in power points to as many seats as possible.

It will be awesome, beautiful, light, amazing!

Meanwhile, the southwest corner of the ground floor has now been remodelled to create:

  • 5 x additional bookable Project Rooms 
  • 70 extra seats for studying

If you like our ground floor renovations, you're going to love what has been planned for the second floor...

Phase 1: Ground floor south

JAN - APRIL 2017


Our shiny new project rooms and study spaces are now up and running.

Book one of our ten - yes, ten!- project rooms here...

Phase 2: Level 2

MAR - JUL/AUG 2017

The book collection from 700 - 799 has been relocated to Level 3.

The 400s, 500s & 600s have been moved from one end of Level 2 to the other to accommodate building work - but don't worry, books will be accessible at all times during all stages of construction.

We have also relocated some seating for you from this floor to Lower Ground and Level 1.

Phase 3: Level 2


It's a major operation...

Collections on Level 2 will be moved back to the newly completed south end of this floor.

How excitement!

The North end of this floor will be under construction, and we'll be on the home stretch to creating those extra powered study spaces.

The good news

Don't forget:

The beautiful new study space on the Ground Floor (North) of the Baillieu opened at the end of 2016. It has:

  • 220 additional seats
  • 8 bookable booths
  • a project room for up to 10 people
  • more power points for all.

Other library branches

Please bear with us...

While this process is underway, remember there are seats in all library branches across the university, such as the new expanded spaces at the Giblin Eunson Library on Barry Street.

And don't forget the:

Level 2 - artist's impression

Study spaces

Level 2 - artist's impression

Level 2 - artist's impression

Level 2 - artist's impression

Contact us

We'll keep you updated with information throughout this process, but if you wish to speak to library staff,

please see us at the Service Desk at the Baillieu Library.