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CRIM10001 From Graffiti to Terrorism Online Library Research Guide: Introduction


Welcome to the CRIM10001 From Graffiti to Terrorism online library research modules. This course has been designed as a self-contained set of modules to teach you the key skills for identifying sources, finding them in the library and using and citing them in your research essay due later in the semester.

While you can go at your own pace, we highly recommend following it in order the first time through. You can, of course, revisit any part of it during or afterwards if you would like to revise any of the content.

It also contains lists of relevant databases and resources that will be useful for this subject that you can access directly (so you don't need to go digging for them on the Library homepage). Please feel free to visit back at any time!

What you'll learn in these modules:


  • How to tell the difference between books, book chapters and journal articles on your reading list
  • How to properly cite and reference sources in your essays
  • How to perform efficient searches in the library's catalogue and databases
  • How to search for and locate journal articles in Discovery, JSTOR and other academic databases
  • Learn how to tell the difference between books, book chapters, and journal articles on your reading lists

    Understand why you need to acknowledge your sources and how to do it properly

    Find out how to find resources in the Library catalogue and online databases