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How to access eBooks from the EBL platform.


  • Welcome. Access conditions to e-books are controlled by the publisher and vary. All of the ebooks that the library subscribes to, can be read online, and most also allow you to download them.

  • This guide specifically supports the use of EBL books which require you to install digital rights software, before you can download the ebook. This guide features images that will walk you through the process step by step.

  • You can establish if an ebook is an EBL title from the library catalogue record, See Opening an ebook from the catalogue for a visual example.  If the book you have selected isn’t an EBL ebook, the Library’s broader eBook guide will be more helpful, alternatively once you have opened an ebook you can use the help feature within the ebook interface for support.


Making the Most of EBL eBooks

 Following these steps will help you understand and use eBooks more effectively.

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