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Media Collections for Music

Find physical and online media resources for music at the University of Melbourne

Library Refurbishment 2018



The Lenton Parr Library will be closed Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th November. The library will re-open on Friday 16th November in the Theatre Building (879). New library hours will be Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (ex. Christmas Eve)

For updates on the refurbishment of the Lenton Parr Library (Southbank) in 2018-19 see Current Projects

Media Collections Locations

The University of Melbourne has a large media collection which is distributed across a number of our libraries:

During the redevelopment of the Southbank Campus, DVDs from the Lenton Parr Library will remain on campus. CDs will be moved shortly to the Parkville Campus and be co-located with the Louise Hanson-Dyer collection in the ERC.

Finding Sound and Video Resources

Where are Facilities for Playing Media?

CDs, DVDs and videos may be used in the Library, or borrowed for short loan periods of overnight, 2 days, 7 days, or 3 hour use within the library only. Check the catalogue for the loan period of individual titles. Remember, fines apply for late returns. To view DVDs and videos in the library, you will need to check each library for conditions and facilities. Both the Louise Hanson-Dyer and Lenton Parr libraries have record (LP) and CD players.

For DVD and VHS players:

  • Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library (Parkville) has two video players and one DVD player. No bookings are necessary. You can borrow headphones at the Service Desk.
  • Lenton Parr Library (Southbank) has four viewing rooms, each with DVD and video players. Bookings are essential, and may be made through BookIt. Room keys and remote controls are available from the Service Desk.
  • Eastern Resource Centre (Parkville)  has media stations on level two (co-located with the Louise Hanson-Dyer facilities). Headphones and remote controls are available for loan from the service desk.