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New Zealand Law Guide: Introduction

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

NZ Legal Research Books

New Zealand Legal Research Guides

A great place to start your NZ legal research...

The Laws of New Zealand (available on LexisNexisAu) is an encyclopaedic resource, and a good starting point for any NZ legal research. It is arranged by topic, and includes up to date commentary, legislation and cases on each topic.

Latest New Zealand Legal News

Legal news feed from the Global Legal Monitor at the Library of Congress.


Background Information about New Zealand

For information about New Zealand, see the following:

US Department of State Background Note (open access)

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Country Briefs - New Zealand (open access)

CIA - the World Factbook: New Zealand

  • (Open access) Information about New Zealand -  including geography, history, economy, military, and transnational issues.

Europa World Plus (UniMelb staff and students only)

Doing Business in New Zealand