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Australian Indigenous Education

What is this page?

A selection of resources selected by Prof. Liz Mckinley offering her summer reading, viewing and listening recommendations to help foster an understanding of Indigenous culture and issues. This list was extracted from her presentation 'Embedding Australian Indigenous Perspectives in the Curriculum' on Thursday December 8th 2016 at the Master of Teaching Professional Learning Week.

Finding resources

Strategies for locating more resources

Try browsing Kanopy Streamed Media - Category - Australian & Indigenous Studies

Do a keyword search in the library catalogue and refine your search by adding the term DVD eg indigenous culture land DVD

First Australians

The First Australians Series is available on DVD and as streamed media.

First Australians. Freedom for our lifetime - Victoria (1860-1890) Episode 3

Watch:  Freedom For Our Lifetime - Victoria (1860-1890)   Series: First Australians  (Ep. 3 Of 7)

Synopsis: The threat of extinction hovers over the first Australians of Victoria at the time Wurundjeri clan leader Simon Wonga seeks land from the authorities. He soon gives up and leads his people to the banks of the Yarra River, claiming a parcel of land, Coranderrk. With the help of a Scottish preacher, and inspired by the farming practices of the settlers, the community prospers - until the authorities step in and resist self determination. (Commissioned by SBS, in English) First Australians chronicles the birth of contemporary Australia as never told before, from the perspective of its first people. 

Directed by Rachel Perkins   Year of Production: 2010

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DVD UniM ERC DVD 305.89915 FIRS  Disc 1&2  

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