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Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide: Malaysia

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World Justice Project - Rule of Law Index - Country Profile

World Justice Project - Rule of Law Index -  Country Profile for Malaysia

The Index provides data on the following dimensions of the rule of law:
» Limited government powers
» Absence of corruption
» Order and security
» Fundamental rights
» Open government
» Effective regulatory enforcement
» Access to civil justice
» Effective criminal justice
» Informal justice

World Justice Project - Rule of Law Index (Full Report)

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A great place to start Malaysian legal research....

Halsbury's Laws of Malaysia on LexisNexis AU is a good starting point to obtain overviews of Malaysian legal topics. It is an encyclopaedic resource arranged alphabetically by subject, and includes scholarly commentary and references to significant cases and legislation. A note of caution: some parts of the encylopaedia is not as up-to-date as others, so always check the currency of the information in the section in which you are interested.

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Introduction to Malaysia's Legal Framework

Officially Malaysia operates a dual common law and Islamic law system, however Ammad in Malaysian Legal System states that 'the role which Islamic law now plays in the system is extremely limited', applied mainly to marriage, divorce, inheritance and other family matters. In addition, the Constitution declares itself the supreme law of the Federation. Like other former colonies of Britain, Malaysia has inherited many of the features of the British government and legal system. 
Source: Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Malaysian Legal System (LexisNexis, 2007)

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