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Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide: Legal News & Alerts

ASEAN Legal Information Portal

Asean LIP (Asean Legal Information Portal) is an open access platform that publishes up to date legal information from ASEAN and the 10 ASEAN nations in order to:

  • support effective doing of business, particularly cross-border trade and commerce, with and within the Region;
  • encourage legal research and scholarship, comparative legal thought, and harmonisation of laws;
  • assist Southeast Asian countries and their agencies to effectively publicise legal information, help them educate their people on rights and responsibilities, and thus contribute to the promotion of Rule of Law and Access to Justice throughout the Region;
  • empower legal, tax and other professionals to keep their respective outputs current, relevant and value-effective.

Asean LIP is practitioner focused and covers 10 practice areas, including banking and finance, criminal law, tax, employment law and competition law.

The platform was launched in May 2017 and is under development. At present it provides legal news, including new legislation and cases in English. It aims to ultimately be an open access 'one stop' legal research centre for all ASEAN nations' legislation, judicial decisions, and secondary sources such as articles - in English and regional languages. 

More about Asean LIP.

Asean Law Alerts can be set up so that you can receive customised legal updates as daily rmails from countries and/or practice areas.