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Staying Current: Keep your research up-to-date: Web Resources

Keep up-to-date with new research in your area with journal and book alerts, RSS Feeds, TOC Alerts and Conference Alerts.


There are two popular and effective tools for staying up to date with the latest content from your favourite blogs, websites and web searches: Google Alerts and Google Reader.  Below is a step by step instructional guide on how to use these tools; also, on this page, there is a brief explanation of each. 

Google Alerts

Google alerts are a great tool for research, as you can set an alert so that Google searches the web on a regular topic gathering hits on a topic of interest from a range of sources (including news sources, videos and blogs). 

  1. Create a Google account if you do not already have one.
  2. Go to Google Alerts.
  3. Fill in the search terms for the topic you wish to monitor, and other details in the Create Alert box.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Create your alert.*

*You can run a number of alerts concurrently, and revisit your Google Alerts account to modify/add/remove alerts.

From within your Google Alerts account, there is the further option to receive your Google Alerts in a feed reader.  This means you can have the results of alerts web searches sent directly to your Google Reader account.

Google Search Options