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Staying Current: Keep your research up-to-date: RSS Feeds

Keep up-to-date with new research in your area with journal and book alerts, RSS Feeds, TOC Alerts and Conference Alerts.


Keep up to date with Library RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are available from several library systems, databases and blogs to help keep you up to date with new resources, databases and services. The easiest way to tell if a site has RSS feeds is to look for the icon: RSS icon  or RSS icon 2 .

RSS Feeds for new Library materials 

Items in the Dewey range 000-299 Computing, Phil, Psych, Religions
Items in the Dewey range 300-329 Social Sciences, Politics
Items in the Dewey range 330-339 Economics
Items in the Dewey range 340-369 Law, Social Work, Criminology
Items in the Dewey range 370-399 Education, Commerce
Items in the Dewey range 400-599 Languages, Natural Sciences
Items in the Dewey range 600-649 Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture
Items in the Dewey range 650-699 Accounting, Management
Items in the Dewey range 700-799 Art, Architecture, Music, Cinema
Items in the Dewey range 800-899 Literature
Items in the Dewey range 900-999 Geography, Travel, History
Items in the Dewey range A820-Z829 Australasian and Junior Fiction

Library Blogs

E-Resources - promoting new databases and online tools, database trials and research tools.  RSS

Library IT tips - tips on using library software and tools.

Library podcasts

RSS feed tools

Learn more about RSS feeds from wikipedia or this excellent video.

The library does not have an official preferred or recommended RSS reader. Many email packages support RSS subscriptions, or you could install a free feed reader such as FeedDemon.

If you use Firefox (any version), Safari in OS X 10.4 or higher, or Internet Explorer 7 or higher you can subscribe using your browser.

If you prefer a web-based reader try Google Reader or Bloglines (both free).

Alternately you may like to subscribe on your custom home page such as Netvibes or iGoogle.