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Literature Reviews: Citation styles

An introduction to the Literature Review process and resources to help you to get started.

Which style?

There are a number of referencing styles. They are discipline-specific and, in some circumstances, depend on the type of document you are writing:

  • Theses: your supervisor can advise on a recommended style.
  • Assignments and essays: before compiling your references, check your assignment guidelines or subject outline, or consult with your tutor or lecturer for the referencing style preferred by the school or department.
  • Journal articles: each journal will specify a format for referencing in author instructions guidelines or similar. These are usually available on journal webpages.

Style guides

Re:Cite is an interactive library website that provides introductory information for a limited number of styles and reference types: APA 6th, Harvard, Chicago, MLA, Vancouver and AGLC.

More detailed information can be found in a style manual or guide, including those listed below:


APA (American Psychological Association)


MLA (Modern Language Association of America)

AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation)

Other styles and guides

More information