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Second Language Teaching

A research guide for Education students studying Second language teaching.

Activity One : assess your skills

Activity 1

Open the link and respond to the short quiz (5 minute activity)

Activity Two : Writing search statements

Activity 2

Work in pairs. Open the link for your group and create a search statement (2 minute activity)

Activity three : Searching

Activity 3 Choose which activity is most appropriate for your needs

Option 1 Discovery search module - for people who haven't used Discovery or who aren't feeling confident (15 min activity)

  • This module highlights the features we recommend you make use of within the Discovery search tool and provides a search topic for you to test
  • Open the link to begin the module

Option 2 Discovery search  and a comparative database search (15 minute - group activity)

  • You will be allocated to a group and given a search statement and a database to search
Group roles:
  • one person to search
  • other members to guide searching, suggest improvements and observe
  • someone from each group needs to make notes about the search experience and provide a verbal report at the end of the activity.
The databases can be accessed from
  1. start by testing the following search in Discovery:

    language learn* AND teaching AND (methods OR strategies) AND mainstream* AND classroom (tip you can copy and paste this to save time).
    Limit results to Scholarly Peer reviewed articles and change the date range to 2007-2016
  2. repeat the same search in your allocated database
  3. Guiding questions for reporting back:
    How many initial results? Can you improve the search?
    Consider how the functionality of the database you tested, compares with Discovery
    We recommend you look at the advanced search features.

Activity Four : independent searching

Activity 4

Download the template and save it to the desktop (your can email it to yourself at the end of the session or save it to a USB)

Option 1: You can either work with your own topic

Option 2 Use the topic Controversies on the effect of age on second language acquisition in L2 research