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Second Language Teaching

A research guide for Education students studying Second language teaching.

Activity One : Writing search statements

Activity 1

Work in pairs. Open the link for your group and create a search statement (2 minute activity)

Activity Two: Search for books

Activity 2 Searching for ebooks

1. Open the Books and eBooks page within the library guide.

2. Access the Library Catalogue using the "search the entire collection" button

3. Enter the search: content AND language AND "integrated learning"  the select the search button 

This search produces results for print and ebooks

How to limit results to Online Books - select the dropdown menu next to Search entire collection and change it to Online books and then select the search button

catalogue search box 

4. Change it to a search for online books

5. Select result 11  - Motivation and Foreign Language Learning [electronic resource] : From theory to practice

6. Use the Connect to ebook (University of Melbourne only)

7. use the cite button to generate a citation in APA style


Activity Three: Searching

Activity 3 Discovery search module (15 min activity)