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Science Education

This guide supports science education teaching for the entire curriculum from prep to Year 12 and science education research.

How to find books and eBooks

Searching in the library catalogue

  • Use a keyword search to find books and ebooks on a topic. Once you have completed a search you can limit your search to a specific collection such as, Giblin Eunson Library or format such as online books (login with your username and password to view e-books)
  • Only want an eBook? Choose the option 'eBooks'  in the catalogue. To read an e-book, open the catalogue record and then select the link: Connect to electronic book.

Searching in Discovery will also retrieve books and ebooks

Our eBooks guide offer tips and support for using our ebooks.

See the Ebook central guide for detailed support for using this platform.

Library Catalogue Search

Search the entire collection
Search for ebooks

Finding books

Search using one of the following methods.

enter the exact title of the item e.g. Teaching chemistry with toys
or just the beginning of the title Teaching chemistry   to get a selection to choose from

enter the surname first e.g.  GARDNER, Robert

enter the keywords in your topic e.g. biology and teaching

Click on any of these examples to complete a Subject Heading search in the library catalogue:

biology - study and teaching
chemistry - study and teaching
physics - study and teaching
science - methodology
science - experiments
science - juvenile literature
science teachers
women in science


As well as searching the library catalogue, you might like to browse the library shelves of the general book collection at the Giblin Eunson Library.

Try exploring at the following call numbers


scientific method


environmental education


elementary education in science and technology


science - study and teaching






earth sciences


life sciences/ biology

School Level Textbooks

Use the Science Textbooks tab to find school level textbooks.

Featured Books - Teaching

Featured Books - Science Enquiry

Featured Books - Research

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