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Guide for students studying Musicology at the University of Melbourne.

CD & Vinyl Collections

To find sound recordings, do an advanced keyword search on the library catalogue. 

Keyword search for online recordings

  1. specify distinctive words or phrases eg Messiaen
  2. Modify or Limit Search to Online Music Audio

Online Sound Recordings

Other Online Sound Recordings

(Open Access)

University of Melbourne Sound Recordings Database

Can't find it on the Library Catalogue?

The Sound Recordings Database is an index to CDs and vinyl recordings.This database is no longer being added to. We suggest that you use the library catalogue, however this database is particularly useful for locating vinyl recordings.

The prefix before the call number tells you about the format:

CD = Compact Disc, ask at the Service Desk
B = Vinyl Disc, ask at the Service Desk.
No prefix = Vinyl Disc, shelved by the library windows.
CC = Audio Cassette, shelved in the Video Room.