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Music Therapy

Guide for students studying Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne.

BCM - British Catalogue of Music Classification (Score Collection, Lenton Parr LIbrary)

This is a guide to the British Catalogue of Music as used at the Lenton Parr Library

The British Catalogue of Music organises scores by instrument or ensemble followed by genre so that material for the same instrument and genre are grouped together on the shelf. Please click on the tabs in this box for lists of the classifications according to instrument or combination of instruments.


CC                              Opera.     Vocal scores with keyboard.

CF                               Operetta. Vocal scores

CM                              Musicals. Musical Theatre.Vocal scores

CQC                           Opera.      Full scores

CQM                           Musicals. Musical Theatre. Full scores


Choral Music 

DC                              Religious choral music

DD                              Oratorios. Vocal scores with piano

DE                              Cantatas.  Vocal scores with piano

DG                              Masses.    Vocal scores with piano

DGT                            Masses.    Vocal scores with piano

DJ                               Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts)

DM                              Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices),

DW                             Choruses, Secular (Unison) with piano


EDD                           Oratorios. Full score

EDG                           Masses.    Full score

EDGT                         Masses.    Full score

EDH                           Chorus, Sacred (Mixed voices) with orchestra

EDR                            Psalms

F/AZ                            Part songs


Voice & Piano

 KFTDW                      Songs (High voice) with piano


KFTDW/AY                Songs (High voice) with piano.Collections 

                                 Operas. Excerpts.Vocal scores with piano


KFTEDW                   Songs (High voice) with instrumental ensemble


KFVDW                     Songs (Medium voice) with piano.


KFVDW/AY               Songs (Medium voice) with piano.Collections


KFVEDW                   Songs (Medium voice) with instrumental ensemble|


KFXDW                     Songs (Low voice) with piano        


KFXDW/AY               Songs (Low voice) with piano.Collections


KFXEDW                   Songs (Low voice) with instrumental ensemble


ME                              Symphonies (Chamber orchestra)

MF                              Concerto Grossi

MG                              Divertimento for orchestra

MM/AZ                        Orchestra works. Collections

MM/HM                       Ballet Music

MMD                           Variations (Orchestra)

MME                           Symphonies

MMEP                        Symphonic poems (Orchestra)

MMF                           Concertos for orchestra

MMG                           Suites (Orchestra)

MMH                           Dances for Symphony Orchestra

MMJA                         Overtures (Orchestra)

MMJZ                         Orchestral music

MMK                           Orchestral music, Arranged

MPQF                         Concertos (Piano)

MPQJZ                       Piano with orchestra

MPRF                         Concertos (Organ)

MPSF                         Concertos (Violin)

MPSJZ                       Violin with orchestra

MPSQF                      Concertos (Viola)

MPSQJZ                    Viola with instrumental ensemble

MPSRD                      Variations (Violoncello with orchestra)

MPSRF                      Concertos (Violoncello)

MPSRJZ                    Violoncello with orchestra

MPTSF                       Concertos (Guitar with chamber orchestra)

MPVRF                      Concertos (Flute)

MPVTF                       Concertos (Oboe)

MPVVF                      Concertos (Clarinet)

MPVWF                     Concertos (Bassoon)

MPWSF                     Concertos (Trumpet)

MPWTF                      Concertos (Horn)

MPXF                         Concertos (Percussion)

MRG                           Suites (Horns (2), violins (2), viola, double bass

MRJZ                          Chamber-orchestra music

MT                               Jazz



(Mixed ensembles only.  3-9 instruments)


Ensembles limited to a particular family of instruments e.g. string quartets are



NUNF             Concertos (Violin and piano with chamber orchestra)

NUNM             Nonets (Wind, String & Keyboard ensembles)

NUNN             Octets (Wind, String &  Keyboard ensembles)

NUNP             Septets (Wind, String &  Keyboard ensembles)

NUNQ             Sextets (Wind, String &  Keyboard ensembles)

NUNR             Quintets (Wind, String &  Keyboard ensembles)

NUNS             Quartets (Wind, String &  Keyboard ensembles)

NURNR          Quintets (Flute, String & Keyboard ensembles)

NURNS          Quartets (Flute, String& Keyboard ensembles)

NURNT           Trios (Flute, String &  Keyboard ensembles)

NURNTE        Trio Sonatas (Flute, String &  Keyboard ensembles)

NURNTJZ       Trios (Piano, flute, violin)

NURTNK        Concertos (Flute and viola with string orchestra)

NUVNR          Quintets ( Clarinet, string & keyboard ensembles)

NVNM            Nonets (Wind & String ensembles)

NVNN             Octets (Wind & String ensembles)

NVNP             Septets (Wind & String ensembles)                      

NVNR             Quintets(Wind & String ensembles)

NVNS             Quartets (Wind & String ensembles)

NVRNR          Quintets (Flute, String & Keyboard ensembles)

NVRNS          Quartets (Flute, String & Keyboard ensembles)

NVRNT           Trios (Wind and String  ensembles)

NVRNTK        Trios (Wind and String ensembles), Arranged.

NVTNR           Quintets(Oboe, string & keyboard ensembles)

NVTNS           Quartets (Oboe, string & keyboard ensembles)

NVTNT           Trios (Oboe, string & keyboard ensembles)

NVVNR          Quintets (Clarinet, string & keyboard ensembles)

NVVNS          Quartets (Clarinet, string & keyboard ensembles)

NVVNT           Trios (Clarinet, string & keyboard ensembles)

NWNR            Quintets (Wind & keyboard ensembles)

NWNRK         Quintets (Wind & keyboard ensembles, Arranged)

NWNS             Quartets (Wind & keyboard ensembles)

NWNT             Trios (Wind & keyboard ensembles)

NWNTK          Trios (Wind & keyboard ensembles, Arranged)

NWPNR         Quintets (Woodwind, keyboard & string ensembles)

NWPNSE       Quartets, Sonatas (Wind & keyboard ensembles)

NWPNT          Trios (Wind & keyboard ensembles)

NWPNTE       Trio sonatas (Wind & keyboard ensembles)

NWPNTK       Trio sonatas (Wind & keyboard ensembles), Arranged

NWRNTE       Trio sonatas (Flute, string & keyboard ensembles)

NXNR             Piano quintets

NXNS             Piano quartets

NXNT              Piano trios


 Q                     Piano

 QNUE             Sonatas (Pianos (2)

QNUG             Suites             (Pianos (2)

QNUH             Piano music (Pianos (2)

QNUJZ           Piano music (Pianos (2)

QNUK             Concertos (Piano) 2-piano scores

QNVZ             Piano music (4 hands)

QNVK             Piano music (4 hands), Arranged.

QP/AY            Piano Music. Collections

QP/AZ            Piano Music. Collections. Individual composers.

QPC               Canons, fugues, etc. (Piano)

QPD               Variations (Piano)

QPE                Sonatas (Piano)

QPG               Suites (Piano

QPH                Dances (Piano)

QPJZ              Piano Music (General)

QPK                Piano music, Arranged

QPK/HM         Piano music, Arranged (Ballets)


QRPC             Harpsichord

QRPE             Sonatas (Harpsichord)

QRPJZ             Canons, fugues, etc. (Harpsichord)


R                     Organ


RXMJZ           String orchestra music

RXNR             String quintets

RXNS             String Quartets

RXNT              String Trios



S/AD               Violin -Studies and exercises.

SPE                Violin and piano sonatas

SPJZ              Violin and piano music.

SPK                Violin and piano music, Arranged (e.g. Concertos)

SPME             Violin solo sonatas

SPMJZ            Solo Violin music



SQ/AD            Viola -Studies and exercises.

SQPE             Sonatas (Viola and piano)

SQPJZ            Viola and piano music

SQPK             Viola and piano music, Arranged (e.g. Concertos)

SQPMJZ        Solo Viola music


SR                  Violoncello

 SR/AD            Violoncello -Studies and exercises.

SRPE             Sonatas (Violoncello and piano)

SRPJZ            Violoncello and piano music

SRPK             Violoncello and piano music, Arranged (e.g. Concertos)

SRPMJZ        Solo Violoncello music


SS                  Double bass

SS/AD            Double bass – Studies and exercises

SSPE             Sonatas (Double bass and piano)

SSPJZ            Double bass and piano music

SSPK             Double bass and piano music, Arranged (e.g. Concertos)

SSPMJZ        Solo Double bass music



 TQ                   Harp

TQPMJZ         Solo harp music

TQPMK          Harp music, Arranged


TS                  Guitar

TS/AC             Guitar methods

TS/AD             Guitar studies

TS/AY             Guitar music collections

TS/AZ             Guitar music collection – individual composers

TSNS              Quartets (Guitars (4)

TSNU              Duets (Guitars (2)

TSNUK           Guitar music (Guitars (2)), Arranged

TSPK              Concertos (Guitar)|solo with piano

TSPMD           Variations (Guitar)

TSPME           Sonatas (Guitar)

TSPMG           Suites (Guitar)

TSPMJZ          Solo guitar music

TSPMK           Guitar music, Arranged.



U                    Wind ensembles

UMJZ              Woodwind ensembles

UMK               Suites (Wind ensemble), Arranged

UNG                Suites (Wind ensemble)

UNN                Wind octets

UNNK             Wind octets, Arranged

UNP                Wind septets

UNQ                Wind sextets

UNR                Wind quintets

UNRJZ            Wind quintets

UNRK             Wind quintets, Arranged

UNS               Wind quartets

UNT               Wind trios


 V                  Flute

 VR/AD          Flute -Orchestral studies + Methods

VR/AY           Flute - Collections

VRMK           Flute choir music, Arranged + Suites (Flute ensembles)

VRNRJZ        Woodwind quintets (Flutes (5)

VRNSJZ        Woodwind quartets (Flutes (4)), Arranged

VRNT            Woodwind trios (Flutes (3)

VRNTK          Woodwind trios (Flutes (3), Arranged

VRNTQJZ      Trios (Piano, flutes (2))

VRNU            Flute music (Flutes (2)

VRNUE          Sonatas (Flutes (2))

VRPE            Sonatas (Flute and piano)

VRPK            Flute and piano music, Arranged + Concertos (Flute)

VRPLTSJZ    Suites (Flute and guitar) + Flute and guitar music

VRPMJZ        Solo Flute music


VS                Recorder

VS/AC          Recorder – Orchestral studies and exercises

VS/AD          Recorder methods

VSNRK         Recorder music, Arranged

VSPE           Sonatas (Recorder and continuo)

VSSNTPWE  Trio-sonatas (2 recorders, continuo)

VSSNUE       Sonatas (Recorders (2)

VSSPE         Sonatas (Recorder and continuo)

VSSPMJZ     Solo Recorder music


VT                 Oboe

VT/AC           Oboe Instruction and study.

VT/AD           Oboe methods. Orchestral studies

VTNTPWE     Trio sonatas (Oboes (2), continuo 

VTNTQK        Concertos (Oboes (2) with string orchestra

VTNUK          Oboe music (Oboes (2)

VTP/AY         Oboe and piano music, Arranged

VTPE            Sonatas (Oboe and piano)

VTPG            Suites (Oboe and piano)

VTPJZ           Oboe and piano music

VTPK             Oboe and piano music, Arranged

VTPMJZ         Solo oboe music


VU                  Saxophone

VU/AD            Saxophone music .Orchestral studies.

VUNSJZ         Woodwind quartets (Saxophones (4)

VUPMJZ         Sonatas (Saxophone)

VUSPK           Concertos (Saxophone). Solo with piano.

VUSPMJZ       Solo Saxophone music.


VV                  Clarinet (B flat)


 VV/AC           Clarinet Instruction and study

VV/AD            Clarinet -Orchestral studies

VVMK            Woodwind sextets (Clarinets (6)

VVSNK          Woodwind quartets (Clarinets (4)), Arranged

VVNTJZ         Woodwind trios (Clarinets (3)

VVNTQK        Concertos (Clarinets (2)), Arranged

VVNU            Clarinet music (Clarinets (2)

VVNUK          Clarinet music (Clarinets (2)), Arranged

VVPE            Sonatas (Clarinet and piano)

VVPJZ           Clarinet and piano music

VVPK             Clarinet and piano music, Arranged.

VVPMJZ         Solo Clarinet music.

VVQ               Clarinet in A

VVU               Bass clarinet


VW                Bassoon

VW/AC          Bassoon - Instruction and study

VW/AD          Bassoon - Orchestral studies.

VWNR           Woodwind quintets (Bassoons (5))

VWNS           Woodwind quartets (Bassoons (4))

VWNT            Woodwind trios (Bassoons (3)

VWNU            Bassoon music (Bassoons (2)

VWPE            Sonatas (Bassoon and piano)

VWPJZ          Bassoon and piano music

VWPK           Bassoon and piano music, arranged + Concertos (Bassoon) - with piano

VWPMJZ       Solo bassoon music