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Visual Art (Practice Based Art)

This guide will help you find resources for practice based visual art in the University of Melbourne Library

Art Databases

The following databases offer specialised resources. For general searches, scroll to the box below

Using Advanced Google Search

Use the site or domain limiter in Google Advanced Search to quickly find information on websites and online publications for example:

Limit search results to only show results from e-flux by including or Frieze using in your search.

Screenshot of Google search of "sol lewitt"

Art Research Journals

This is a short list of Art Research Journals

ArtsHub Australia & Screen Hub

Free access via:

Multidisciplinary databases

Citation Databases

Citation databases document items citing research publications. They cover research literature and quality web resources, including peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, reviews and conference papers from proceedings and journals.  Use them to extend your research into unfamiliar or related disciplines to provide depth and variety in your research