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Fine Art (Practice Based Art)

This guide will help you find resources for practice based art in the University of Melbourne Library

Keyword Abbreviations for finding theses on the library catalogue

Abbreviations for UoM Theses for searching by Keyword

ph.d. Melbourne    OR 

m.mus melbourne

Abbreviations for VCA Theses for searching by Keyword

MAnimat         for all  Animateuring

                           (Drama) Theses

MFineArt         for all  Art Theses

MChor               for all  Choreography


MDancePerf    for all  Dance Performance


MFT                    for all Film & Television


MFT(Prod)       for all Film & Television

                            Theses (Producing)

MDramaArt(Dir) for all Master of

                             Dramatic Art (Directing)

MMusPerf         for all Music Theses

MProd                for all Production Theses

MPupp               for all Puppetry Theses

MSD                    for all Master of

                             Sound Design Theses

MThtrDes         for all Theatre Design


MThtrPrac        for all Theatre Practice


MVisArt              for all  Master of Visual

                            Art Theses