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Music Performance

Guide for students studying Music Performance at the University of Melbourne.


The Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library has scores available on CD ROM. The collection includes orchestralsacred and solo instrumental works. Browse the catalogue from call number 5000 to 5106.

Also consider the following resources:

Index to Printed Music (IPM)
IPM is an online resource for finding individual pieces of music printed in scholarly editions. It contains over 307,000 records of individual music works.

Collection editions/critical editions: are sets of composers' collected works. They have been compiled by scholarly editors to try to give the closest indication of what the composer intended. Critical commentary is included that discusses any alterations in accidentals, notes, ornaments etc. The editors refer to any manuscript sources available and also research whether the composer later made changes. These editions are also called ‘complete editions’ or ‘Gesamtausgabe’.

Monuments or Denkmäler: Are collected editions that focus on a particular country, region, or type of music rather than a single composer.

See Sydney Robinson Charles, et al. "Editions, historical." Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online. 25 Aug. 2008 for a more complete definition.

Indexes to Collected Editions

There are print and online indexes. None are comprehensive and all should be used to fully search.

Music Scores

Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library and Lenton Parr Library have large collections of music scores and performance material for individual instruments and ensemble use. 

Music scores can be borrowed and are usually available for 28 day loan. You can request items held at another campus to be sent to your campus for pickup.

Music scores at Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library are arranged by category according to instrument or form of composition.  Within each category scores are arranged in alphabetical order by composer name.  Each category begins with a different letter of the alphabet.  For example:

A      Piano - 2 hands
B Piano - 4 hands
C Two Pianos - 4 hands
D Harpsichord
E Violin


Music Scores at the Lenton Parr Library are arranged according to the British Catalogue of Music classification system. This scheme organises scores by grouping each instrument together on the shelves.  It is further organised by genre within the instrumental groupings. For example, choral music, all piano sonatas, all flute and piano arrangements etc are shelved together. For example:

C Vocal Music
K Voice and Piano
M Orchestral Music
S Violin
T Plucked String Instruments
U,V Wind Instruments


For a complete list, please see the British Catalogue of Music classification system page in this guide (under the Finding Scores Tab)

Brass and Percussion scores are arranged separately.

Collected Editions

These are scholarly editions which present the complete output of various composers.  Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library has works from 12th to 20th centuries.

Collected editions are for library use only and cannot be borrowed.  They are marked in the library catalogue with the location UniM Music CE (for Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library) or  UniM Lenton Parr CE (for Lenton Parr Library).

The composers sequence of Collected editions in the Louise Hanson Dyer Library are at UniM Music CE 780.81

Music scores at the Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library are arranged by category according to instrument or form of composition.  Within each category scores are arranged in alphabetical order by composer name.  Each category begins with a different letter of the alphabet.

Click on the link for a list of titles in each category.

A - Piano - 2-hands GGM - Mandolin M - Voice and Piano TB - Choral - Female
AB - Piano - Rags/Ragtime GH - Koto MA - Vocal Albums TC - Choral - Male
AC - Piano - Jazz HA - Flute / Piccolo MB - Folk / National Songs TD - Choral - Mixed
B - Piano - 4-hands HB - Oboe & Cor Anglais MC - Voice & Instr. accomp. TE - Madrigal Albums
C - Two Pianos - 4-hands HC - Clarinet MD - Vocalise / exercises TF - Madrigals - Female
CA - Two Pianos - 6-hands HCA - Saxophone ME - Vocal recitatives TG - Madrigals - Male
CB - Two Pianos - 8-hands HD - Bassoon MF - Vocal AMEB TH - Madrigals - Mixed
D - Harpsichord, etc. HE - Horn MK - Vocal Duets TJ - Sacred - Hymn Books
E - Violin HG - Trombone ML - Popular Songs TK - Sacred - Anthems
- Viola HH - Tuba N - Organ TL - Sacred - Motets
FA - Viols & Viola da gamba HJ - Percussion NB - Organ tests TM - Parts of Service
G - Cello HK - Harp P - Miniature scores TN - Sacred - Songs
GE - Bass HL - Recorder PM - Miniature albums TP - Carols
GF - Duos, Duets (ex. Guitar) HM - Original Wind PN - Norton critical scores WM - School Songs
GG - Guitar HN - Handbells / Carillon - Full scores WR - Operettas
GGA - Guitar Albums HP - Accordion R - Opera Vocal scores WS - Movement / Games
GGB - Duos with Guitar - Trios - Choral Vocal scores WT - School Percussion
GGC - Guitars (3 or more) K - Quartets T - Choral Albums X+ - Folio size scores
GGL - Lute - Quintets, etc. TA - Choral Unison Z+ - Elementary teaching