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Music Theatre

This guide will point you to Music Theatre resources available at the University of Melbourne Library

Film & TV SCripts


Search by:

  • Title of the film or television program/series
  • Author
  • Subject Heading eg  Motion Picture Plays      Television Scripts     Television Plays
  • Keyword - Limit format to Printed Books  (otherwise you will get DVDs and other formats as well)  -  Type in screenplay and other keywords from title, author etc.  You may like to use other useful keywords include:  shooting script or  film scripts



Most are held on the shelves at 791.4372.  

NOTE we have a large collection of script "class sets" which are held in our store.  You can locate these by using the catalogue and search as suggested above

ALSO NOTE  the individual titles are catalogued separately in the catalogue. Eg Blade Runner – Draft script

Why use scripts in AFSO? 

  • They are legal. Copyright permissions have been secured from the studio. Just ensure you cite the script source properly when using them in your assignments and writing.  Many scripts you find on the web have been sourced illegally and may not be able to be used for educational purposes under the Copyright act.
  • AFSO has provided authoritative versions of the screenplay -- whenever possible, the final shooting script.  
  • Scripts in AFSO are dynamic. They have been encoded with information such as scene breakdowns, character information (such as sex and race), setting, genre, subjects and more.  This allows you to search AFSO in order to find specific scenes, ie scenes that are from drama films, are set in a prison, and include at least one male character.



Note many of these websites provide draft scripts that may or may not have legally published.  Please consider copyright issues when utilising these in your study and work at the University, and in the public domain:

Drew's Script-O-Rama

Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

Script City

Script Fly


Yahoo Movies Screenplay