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Company, Industry & Country Information

This guide will help you find company, industry and country information in business databases.

Citing Business resources using APA

  Company information

     Company information and data from library database (no author listed)

  • Dun and Bradstreet. (2013). BHP Billiton Limited, profile [Company profile]. Retrieved from Company360 database.
  • DatAnalysis Premium. (2013). BHP Billiton Limited, 2013 company financials as reported [Financial Data]. Retrieved from DatAnalysis Premium database.



  Industry information

  • Industry report from library database (no author listed)

Business Monitor International (2013, May). Australia mining report Q3 2013 [Industry overview]Retrieved from Business Monitor International database. 

  • Industry report from library database (author listed)

Stickings, M. (2010, September). Latin America Monitor: Brazil Monitor. Mining Report [Industry overview]Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

  • Industry report from print source (book) (author listed)

Koukin, N. V., & Zotov, V. E. (1993). Russian oil & gas industry: Professional guide. Moscow: A.D. Golubovich.

  • Industry report from print source (book) (no author listed)

Oil & gas in the United States: Industry profile. (2005). New York, NY: Datamonitor.


  Country information

  •  Company Report from library database (no author listed)

Business Monitor International (2013, August). Australia business forecast report Q4 2013. Retrieved from Business Monitor International databse.  


  Website resources

  • Documents from websites

    BHP Billiton Limited. (2012). 
    2012 sustainability report. Retrieved from
  • Documents from websites (no date and no author listed)

    BHP: Key statistics for BHP Billiton Limited. (n.d.) Retrieved August 26, 2013, from
  • Annual Report from a website

    BHP Billiton Limited. (2013). 2012 summary review annual report. Retrieved from


  Journal Articles

  • Article from database with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

    Mallick, B., Garg, D., & Grover, P. S. (2013). Incremental mining of sequential patterns: Progress and challenges. Intelligent Data Analysis, 17(3), 507-530. doi:10.3233/IDA-130591
  • Article from database without DOI

    Miller, J. W. (2012, June 5). Under earth: Rocks or a hard place? Wall Street Journal - Eastern  Edition. pp. B1-B6. Retrieved from  data=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=bth&AN=76347442



  In text citations

  Page numbers and paragraph numbers

Use page numbers when making direct quotations.

Use the paragraph number preceded by the abbreviation ‘para’ for electronic resources without page numbers.

In a case where paragraphs are not visible, cite only the heading and the number of the paragraph following it.


(Smith, 2010, para. 12)
(Thompson, 2008, Executive Summary section, para. 3)