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Statistics and Data

Sources of Australian and international statistics and data.

Historical Sources

International Historical Statistics

  • 1750 - 2010
  • Key economic and social indicators.
  • 3 volume set 
    • Vol. 1: Africa, Asia, Oceania
    • Vol. 2: Americas
    • Vol. 3. Europe

‚ÄčThe World Economy: Historical Statistics 

  • 2 volumes  bring together estimates of world GDP for the past 2000 years and provide a unique perspective on the rise and fall of economies historically.
  • The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective
  • The World Economy: Historical Statistics
  • Contains Statlinks, a service providing access to the underlying data in Excel® format. 


  • The Economic Database in GFD provides data on employment and the labour force, production and output, money aggregates, international liquidity, the financial sector and price indices (consumer, wholesale and producer).
  • Data on money aggregates available from before the 1950s.
  • Data on currency and wholesale prices date back to the 1700s.
  • Monthly inflation data from 1920s available for every major economy. 
  • Other GFD databases included are: Exchange Rate, Government & Debt and the National Accounts. 
  • NOTE: Individual registration is required to use this database. Click on the link above and view the instructions in the NOTE field.