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Statistics and Data

Sources of Australian and international statistics and data.

Historical economic statistics

      • Vol. 1: Africa, Asia, Oceania
      • Vol. 2: Americas
      • Vol. 3. Europe
    • 2 volumes  bring together estimates of world GDP for the past 2000 years and provide a unique perspective on the rise and fall of economies historically.
    • The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective
    • The World Economy: Historical Statistics
    • Contains Statlinks, a service providing access to the underlying data in Excel® format. 
    • The Economic Database in GFD provides data on employment and the labour force, production and output, money aggregates, international liquidity, the financial sector and price indices (consumer, wholesale and producer).
      Data on money aggregates available from before the 1950s.
      Data on currency and wholesale prices date back to the 1700s.
      Monthly inflation data from 1920s available for every major economy. 
      Other GFD databases included are: Exchange Rate, Government & Debt and the National Accounts. 

    • NOTE: Individual registration is required to use this database. Click on the link above and view the instructions in the NOTE field.