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Health and Physical Education

This guide is designed to support your research in Health and Physical Education

Constructing a Search Statement

Tips For Building Your Search Statement


Construct simple search statements to find books- e.g. "mental health" AND (girls OR females)


Use complex search statements within databases- e.g. ("mental health" OR "mental wellbeing") AND (girls OR females) AND "eating disorders"


Use truncation to extend search results - e.g. athlet* will retrieve athlete, athletes, athletics, athleticism

Add "quotation marks" to retrieve a specific phrase.

Use the term OR to find synonyms or alternative terms- e.g. "physiological training" OR "physical training" OR "physical conditioning"

    Use brackets around alternative terms to create order in your search - e.g. (nutrition OR diet) AND "health education"

    Physical Education Sample Search Statements

    Sample Search Statements

    • "SAQ training"  AND (soccer OR football)

    • "eating disorders" AND tennis
    • netball AND strength* and "physical training"
    • basketball AND "strength training" AND perform*

    • "sports psychology" AND ("arousal regulation" OR relax*)

    • athlet* AND (nutrition AND diet) AND "eating disorders"

    • (visuali?ation OR imagery) AND (soccer OR football) AND (engag* OR motivat* OR success)

    • "physical education" AND (engage* OR motivat*) AND (girls OR females)

    Health Education Sample Search Statements

    Sample Search Statements

    • anxiety and (teen* OR adolescen*)

    • “healthy eating” AND (promot* OR encourag*)

    • bully* AND (“body image” OR self-esteem) 

    • sexuality AND (well-being OR welfare) AND (youth OR adolescen* OR teen*)

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