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Legal Research: Secondary Sources: Find an article on a case

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Find journal articles on a specific case

The following information relates to finding articles on Australian cases. For information about other jurisdictions, check the 'Foreign, Global and Comparative' list of research guides on our website

Case citators 

Case citators such as CaseBase (Lexis Advance Pacific), LawCite (AustLII) and FirstPoint (Westlaw AU) cite publications referring to a case. Access case citators from the Law Library website Research Databases by Type page.

Search for the case using a case citator. Once you have located the citator record for the case, look for the links to journal articles about the case.  Each of the case citators label these links differently, following is a summary: 

  • See 'Publications referring to this case' on CaseBase 
  • See 'Law Journal Articles Referring to this Case' on LawCite
  • See the tab 'Related Documents' and then 'Journal Articles' on Westlaw AU

In the list of journal articles cited, the full text will be available if it is a journal that the publisher has the right to publish. If there is no link to the full text, search for the journal's name (not the article title, the name of the journal, e.g. Melbourne University Law Review) using the Library catalogue.

Often citations to journals will include the journal name in abbreviated form. If you are not sure what the abbreviation stands for, search for the abbreviation using a tool such as the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations and then search for the journal name using the Library catalogue

INFORMIT (including AGIS) 

The INFORMIT platform contains many multidisciplinary indexing and abstracting services, with predominantly Australasian and Asia/Pacific content. AGIS is the most comprehensive tool for finding Australasian legal articles. A number of other individual and collected databases are also pertinent to law, including SNIPER (intellectual property), CINCH (criminal justice), WORKLIT (employment and industrial relations), APA-FT (public affairs), the Indigenous Collection, Humanities & Social Sciences Collection and Family & Society Collection.

  • To search across all the databases on INFORMIT select the menu item "Select by Database name" and then "Update Selection".
  • To search AGIS (the most comprehensive tool for finding Australasian legal articles) select the menu option "Select by Database name". All databases will be selected by default so you will need to click on the link "Select None", then select AGIS and then select "Update Selection".
  • You can also browse databases by subject (e.g. arts and humanities or health) or find relevant databases by using keywords.

INFORMIT's Advanced Search option includes a field called 'Legal Cases (CASE)'.  The default INFORMIT search field is 'All Fields'. Select the drop down arrow next to 'All Fields', scroll down and select 'Legal Cases (CASE)'. Note: this will only detect those articles that have been indexed as being about a particular case. If your search does not return any results using the 'Legal Cases (CASE)' field you could try searching for the case using other fields such as 'All Fields and Full Text'.  

Note, this will only pick up those articles which have been indexed as being about the case. If you don't get any results you may want to chance the search field to 'All Fields and Full Text'. 

Other databases 

You could also try searching other journal article databases that have Australian content, such as Legal Trac. See the journal article listing on the Law Library website Research Databases by Type page for a list of databases