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Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries

This guide will help you with your research for the Law of Royal Commissions and other Public Inquiries


Enabling Act: Inquiries Act 2014 (Vic) 

The publication Royal Commissions in Victoria compiled by the Victorian Parliamentary Library Research Service provides a chronological list of Royal Commissions and Commissions of Enquiry in Victoria from 1854-2009.

The full text of all Victorian Royal Commission Reports since 1854 are available on the Victorian Parliamentary Papers Database.

  • TIP: to find a specific Royal Commission Report, you can search by year, title, subject and/or Commissioner. To find a complete list of all Royal Commissions, use Advanced Search and type ("royal commission" OR "commission* enquir~") in the title field. The results can be sorted in chronological order.

The most recent Royal Commission has its own website. So for example, the website for the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission includes terms of reference, submissions, hearing transcripts, exhibits, commission reports and final recommendations. 

South Australia

Enabling Act: Royal Commissions Act 1917 (SA)

A unauthoratitve list of Royal Commissions and other inquiries appointed by the Government of South Australia can be found on Wikipedia.

A list of inquiries from 1857 to 1970 can also be found in A bibliography of South Australian Royal Commissions, Select Committees of Parliament and Boards of Inquiry, 1857-1970 / compiled by E. Zalums.

State Records of South Australia holds many documents relating to royal commissions.



Northern Territory

Enabling Act: Inquiries Act 1985 (NT)

Australian Capital Territory

Western Australia

Enabling Act: Royal Commissions Act 1968 (WA)

Royal Commissions held in Western Australia - this list commences from 1892 to the present period and is prepared by the Western Australian Parliamentary Library.

Where possible a copy of the royal commission has been scanned or a reference has been provided to make finding the document easier.

Some royal commission documents can be found at the State Records Office of Western Australia.

Many reports were printed as Tabled Papers and can be found as appendices to the Votes and Proceedings, a set of which can also be found at the State Library of Western Australia.

This is not a comprehensive list.

New South Wales