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Indonesian studies

Use this guide to assist you finding resources for Indonesian languages and studies.

Special collections at Monash University Library

Special collections at Monash University Library

Monash Library has extensive print research collections of Indonesian materials. Special collections include:


  • Balai Pustaka collection - 1500 books published by Balai Pustaka between 1911 & 1980
  • Southeast Asia Pamphlet collection - mainly Indonesian pamphlets, mainly 1950s-1970s – includes much rare material on politics, Islam and other areas
  • Indonesian Historical collection - 5000 books and journals about Indonesia from the 19th and early 20th centuries (to 1950) – mainly in Dutch
  • Government publication collection (mainly from the 1970s)
  • BPS statistics: Dalam Angka series (complete for all provinces)
  • Indonesian newspaper collection (good holdings for the 1960s & 1970s)


For further information about Monash Library resources for Indonesian studies, or assistance with accessing resources, contact Indonesian Studies Librarian, Aline Scott-Maxwell  (