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A guide to resources relevant to Criminology at the University of Melbourne Library

Finding government documents

Online government documents

Hansard (Parliamentary debates) for Australian Commonwealth and State/Territory jurisdictions


Australian Parliament ( Search facility.  House of Reps 1996 to currentSenate 1996 to current ; Historical from 1901 to current in pdf format . Also use the Parlinfo advanced search - available in full text from 1901.


Victorian Parliament ( 1851-1856  Legislative Council debates reported in The Argus; Hansard digitized from 1856 to 1999, and 1999 to current). Searchable from 1991 onwards.

New South Wales

NSW Parliament (Hansard digitized from 1824)


Queensland Parliament. Select from the sitting dates (from 1860 to current).

South Australia

S.A. Parliament. Hansard available online from 1993 to current


Tasmanian Parliament.  House of Assembly 1992 to current ;  Legislative Council 1992 to current.

Western Australia

 WA Parliament.  1870-1995Index 1999 to current. Search facility for 1996 to current.


ACT Legislative Assembly1991-2012 (pdf only); 1995-current (searchable).


NT Legislative Assembly.  Hansard referred to as "Parliamentary Records". 1974-19901990 to current.

Legislation (Comm & Vic, other states)

Austlii Full text Acts of Australian and State Parliaments.
Comlaw Full text Acts of Australian and State Parliaments.
Capital monitor Database of bills, assented Acts, proclamations.
Victorian legislation and Parliamentary Documents (includes statutes; bills; votes/minutes and proceedings - both houses.

Parliamentary papers (Comm & Vic)

Parlinfo - use this search to locate Commonwealth parliamentary documents.
Parliamentary papers series (Comm)
Victorian parliamentary papers search.

Government notices (Comm & Vic)

Government Notices Gazette (Comm) Current Historical 
Victorian Government Gazette (including archive).

Budget papers (Comm & Vic)

Budgets site (Comm) Includes previous budgets.
Budgets site (Vic). Includes previous budgets.

Government websites (Comm & Vic)

Australian Government website.  MyGov. Links to ministries, departments and subordinate authorities. Check each site for publications links. A good source for policy documents; green and white papers, public submissions, etc.
National Archives of AustraliaSearch.  Includes Australian government and government agencies archives. Many catalogued items are available digitally.
Victoria on-line (Government website). Links to ministries, departments and subordinate authorities.


Government documents in print


Commonwealth Parliamentary debates (Hansard)
Both houses 1901-19451946 - 1953House of Reps 1953 - 1996  ; Senate 1953 - 1996 
Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia,  1901-2008
Bills not passed into law and bills which originally lapsed but subsequently passed : sessions 1901-02 to 1977   Bills of the House of Representatives (not held UM)
Papers presented to Parliament 1901-19661967 -
Votes and proceedings of the House of Representatives, 1967 -   Journals of the Senate, 1901 - 2006
Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 1987 - 2006
Budget papers  (1901 - 2005/6)


Victorian Parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Victorian Hansard (both houses) 1856/7 - 1864/5;  Continued as Parliamentary debates, both houses 1866-19581958-1982Legislative assembly 1982- ; Legislative Council 1982-   Also now available online from 1856 from the Victorian Parliament website. 
Acts of the Victorian Parliament, 1959 - 2009.
Bills 1864-1930    Bills list.
Votes and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly...1857 -  (includes Parliamentary papers)
Votes and proceedings of the Legislative Council... 1851 - 1890;  1890 - 2004   (includes Parliamentary papers)
Indexes to Victorian Parliamentary papers.
Victorian Government Gazette1851-1986    1987- 
Budget papers (1969/70-2004/05)

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