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Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide: Vietnam

Vietnam's Legal System

Supreme Court of Vietnam

The head office of  the Supreme People’s Court in Ha Noi

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Vietnamese Courts

"Vietnam has a two-tier court system, including courts of first instances and courts of appeal. The judgments are then susceptible to further reviews under special circumstances. The court system consists of the Supreme People’s Court, the provincial People’s Courts and the district People’s Courts. There are specialised courts at the Supreme People’s Court and at the provincial level. These include the Criminal Court, Civil Court, Economic Court, Administrative Court and Labour Court. The Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court is elected by the National Assembly, and has the term corresponding to the term of the National Assembly and can be re-elected. Other Justices of the Supreme People’s Court are appointed and removable by the President and have the term of 5 years. The Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court appoints and removes judges of the inferior courts." (GlobaLex article: Vietnam Legal Research by Anh Luu).

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