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Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide: Case Law

Malayasia's Court Hierarchy

Malaysian Court System

Malaysian Case Law

A number of Malaysian databases are available from CommonLII (open access):

Malaysian Court Websites

CLJ Legal Network

Case Citators

‚ÄčCaseAnalysis Malaysia on LexisNexisAu - from 1932 to current.

  • Description: this citator, annotator and digester covers all significant reported and unreported Malaysian judgments, as well as key overseas cases (such as from England or other Commonwealth jurisdictions) where they are referred to by Malaysian cases. As well as providing key case details - party names, court, judges, judgment date, parallel citations - catchwords and tables of legislation referred to provide a valuable snapshot of the case you are researching. To clarify the precedential value of each case, all cross-references between cases are displayed and classified (followed, distinguished, overruled, referred etc) and the treatment is characterised as positive, cautionary, negative or neutral). CaseAnalysis also features complete searchability and links to full-text reported and unreported judgments and primary legislation.
  • Access: to access this database, go to LexisNexisAu. From the LNAU homepage go to Source Directory>Browse Sources. Select Malaysia from the Country menu and Cases from the Content Type menu. Then click the General Legal folder. 

Malaysian cases on LexisNexisAu

 Lexis Advance Pacific (UniMelb staff & student access) includes the following Malaysian cases databases:

  • The Malayan Law Journal Reports (direct access to the database via this link) - full text of reports of cases from the Federal Court, Court of Appeal, Malaysian High Court (in all states) from 1932 to current.
  • Shariah Law Reports (direct access to the database via this link) - full text of from Oct 1 2004 to current.

Direct access to the databases above from the hyperlinks. Both above series can be browsed or searched.

  • The Malayan Law Journal Unreporteds - unreported judgments from the Federal Court, Court of Appeal and High Court from March 1991 to current. Note - there is no browse option for this series - it can only be searched. To access, go to Lexis Advance Pacific via the catalogue and select All Publications.