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Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide: Books & Journal Articles

Recent Books

Journal Articles

To find journal articles on Burmese law, irrespective of the journal in which they are published, see the Finding Journal Articles on South East Asian Law box in the Books and Journals tab on the Regional Resources page of this Guide. Using these resources will enable you to search hundreds of journals at the same time.

Recent Open Access Articles on SSRN

Song, Lili, 'Refugees or Border Residents from Myanmar? The Status of Displaced Ethnic Kachins and Kokangs in Yunnan Province, China' (2017) 29(3) International Journal of Refugee Law 1-22

Crouch, Melissa, 'Promiscuity, Polygyny and the Power of Revenge: The Past and Future of Burmese Buddhist Law in Myanmar' (2016) 3(1) Asian Journal of Law and Society: Special Issue on Buddhism and Law in Asia