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Australian Law: free online resources

Finding Case Law

Case law is law developed by judges in courts. Case law research involves reading legal judgments - understanding the reasons behind a judgment and how the law has been interpreted by the judge. Free case law is available on a range of platforms:

  • Court Websites - visit the court website for recent judgments and daily hearing list to determine the matters being heard in the court each day.
  • AustLII - contains a large collections of cases from all major courts and tribunals from the Federal and State jurisdictions. Coverage dates back to the 1830s to current.
  • Jade Barnet - contains cases from all major courts from the Federanl and State jurisdictions. Coverage varies depending on the jurisdiction. Extensive coverage starts from 1999.

Case citators and subsequent consideration of a case - 'noting up'


AustLII Noteup - when you have located the case you are looking for, the Noteup feature searches for all materials which refer to the current case. This will display all other cases which refer to this case and pinpoints to the relevant paragraphs in the citing cases.

Barnet Jade's Case Trace - a citator feature that appears on the right of the page of every case in JADE  - it includes links to the full text of cases your case has cited and to cases which have cited your case - and pinpoints the relevant paragraph in the citing cases.


LawCite - is an automatically generated global case citator, which gathers information from all the Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) worldwide, so that you see where your case is cited in cases in other jurisdictions. It also lists free and subscription journal articles and law reform reports which discuss your case, and legislation which is cited in your case. Cases found in AustLII all have LawCite link beside the case which links straight to the LawCite record.