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Guide to Physics resources

A guide resources in print and electronic format

Physics: Main Book Collection

Physics and allied subjects fall under Dewey numbers:

520 Astronomy

521 Celestial mechanics

522 Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials

523 Specific celestial bodies and phenomena

524 not assigned

525 Earth (astronomical geography)


530 Physics

531 Classical mechanics; solid mechanics

532 Fluid mechanics; liquid mechanics

533 Gas mechanics

534 Sound & related vibrations

535 Light & infrared & ultraviolet phenomena

536 Heat

537 Electricity & electronics

538 Magnetism

539 Modern physics

Bulk of the books in the main Physics collection carry numbers 520-525, 530-539 and are shelved on the fifth floor of the ERC. However, some books that fall under Chemistry and Engineering numbers too are relevant due to the multidisciplinary nature of their subject matter. Books from the Main collection go out on loan to students, staff of the university, CAVAL and approved borrowers. Students who want longer loans of their recommended reading items can find multiple copies of various editions of undergraduate textbooks here. Spine labels will indicate if they are for shorter loan periods, ie. Seven Day Loan. More details on loans.

Reference Collection

Reference books in Physics are now shelved in the Reference  area on the ground Floor of the ERC Library. Items such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks and other similar sources are found here. The new location offers users reference sources in other subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering too. Books in this collection are not for loan.