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Guide to Physics resources

A guide resources in print and electronic format

Printed sources

Listed below is a selection of printed reference sources located mainly in the Reference Collection of the ERC library . A number of these items are also available online.

ASM handbook / prepared under the direction of the ASM International Handbook Committee. ERC REF  669 META

Astronomy: a handbook. Edited by G. D. Roth, with the collaboration of A. Güttler [and others] Translated and rev. by Arthur Beer. ERC REF  520 A859

Atlas of the light scattering characteristics of microparticles / editor, Philip J. Wyatt.  ERC REF  535.323 A881 

Atomic transition probabilities. Iron through nickel / J.R. Fuhr, G.A. Martin, and W.L. Wiese.  ERC REF  539.754021 FUHR 

Atomic, molecular & optical physics handbook / editor, Gordon W.F. Drake ERC Reserve  539.7 ATOM  OVERNIGHT LOAN

The Cambridge handbook of physics formulas / Graham Woan.  ERC REF  530.0212 WOAN 

The Cern large Hadron Collider : Accelerator and experiments / edited by Amos Breskin and Rüdiger Voss. ERC REF  539.73 CERN

CRC handbook of chemistry and physics ERC REF 540.212 CRC

A dictionary of astronomy / edited by Ian Ridpath. ERC REF  520.3 DICT 

Dictionary of semiconductor physics and electronics, English-German, German-English.  ERC REF  537.2203 B612 

Encyclopedia of applied physics / edited by George L. Trigg ; associate editors, Eduardo S. Vera, Walter Greulich. ERC REF  530.03 ENCY

Encyclopedia of astronomy and astrophysics / edited by Paul Murdin. ERC REF  520.3 ENCY

Encyclopedia of condensed matter physics / edited by G. Franco Bassani, Gerald Liedl and Peter Wyder.  ERC REF  530.4103 ENCY

Encyclopedia of physics / edited by Rita G. Lerner and George L. Trigg ; foreword by Walter Sullivan.  UniM ERC REF  530.0321 ENCY 

Encyclopedia of physics / Joseph Rosen.  ERC REF  530.03 ROSE 

Handbook of molecular physics and quantum chemistry / editor-in-chief, Stephen Wilson. ERC REF  539.6 HAND

Handbook of optics / sponsored by the Optical Society of America ; Michael Bass, editor in chief ... [et al.]. UniM ERC REF  535 HAND

Handbook of viscosity / Carl L. Yaws.  UniM ERC REF  547 YAWS

Ion beam handbook for material analysis / coordinating editors, by J. W. Mayer, E. Rimini ; chapter editors, B. R. Appleton ... [et al] ERC REF  530.41 I64

Isophotometric atlas of comets [cartographic material] / W. Högner, N. Richter. ERC REF  523.69 HOEG 

A manual of advanced celestial photography / Brad D. Wallis, Robert W. Provin. ERC  522.63 WALL 

Massachusetts institute of technology wavelength tables with intensities in arc, spark, or discharge tube of more than 100,000 spectrum lines / most strongly emitted by the atomic elements under normal conditions of excitation between 10,000 A. and 2000 A. arranged in order of decreasing wavelengths. Measured and compoled under the direction of George R. Harrison ... by staff members of the Spectroscopy laboratory of the Massachusetts institute of technology, assisted by the Works progress. ERC REF  535.8408 MAS 

Mathematical physics : a modern introduction to its foundations / Sadri Hassani. ERC REF  530.15 HASS 

Nuclear and particle physics source book / Sybil P. Parker, editor in chief. ERC REF  539.7 NUCL

The physico-chemical constants of binary systems in concentrated solutions. ERC REF  530.8 TIM

Reference catalogue of bright galaxies; being the Harvard survey of galaxies brighter than the 13th magnitude, of H. Shapley and A. Ames, rev., corr., and enl., with notes, bibliography, and appendices [by] Gerard de Vaucouleurs and Antoinette de Vaucouleurs. ERC REF  523.85 V357 

Smithells metals reference book / edited by W.F. Gale, T.C. Totemeier. ERC REF  669 SMIT

Smithsonian physical tables ERC REF  530.80212 SMIT 

Springer handbook of condensed matter and materials data / W. Martienssen and H. Warlimont (eds.).  ERC REF  530.41 SPRI 

Tables of physical and chemical constants and some mathematical functions / originally compiled by G.W.C. Kaye and T.H. Laby ; now prepared under the direction of an editorial committee.  ERC REF  530.80212 TABL

X ray wavelengths / Joyce Alvin Bearden ; collaborators J.S. Thomsen ...[et al] ERC REF  539.7222 B368