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Library and Information Science Literature

This guide links to University of Melbourne resources relevant to the library and information management sector.


Malaysian Journal of Computer Science - Semiannual journal published by the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya


New Library World: Charting New Developments - Monthly journal providing an international appraisal of current library trends and emerging patterns for the future

New Review of Academic Librarianship - Two issues per year publishes reviews, research, critiques and exemplar case studies on substantive topics relevant to those providing library and information services to academic communities.  Emphasis is placed on establishing the relevance and applicability of theory and/or research for the academic library practitioner

New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia - Provides a focus for research and a source of information on practical and theoretical developments in hypermedia, hypertext, interactive multimedia and related technologies

New Review of Information Behaviour Research - Foucs on user information retrieval techniques and behaviours

New Review of Information Networking - Considers the needs & behaviour of the network user; the role of networks in teaching, learning, research & scholarly communication; the implications of networks for library & information services

New Zealand Library and Information Management Journal - The journal of the Library and Information Management Association of New Zealand Aotearoa