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This guide will help you find quality resources for your economics studies and research.

Like to browse?

Here are some book numbers in economics, to browse on the library shelf or catalogue.

Number Subject
330 Economics


Economic conditions (Australia)


Labour economics


Financial economics
333 Land economics
337 International economics
338.5 Microeconomics
339 Macroeconomics
380-382 Commerce/trade

Limiting your search to ebooks

Searching on your topic

Use a keyword search in the Library Catalogue e.g. "environmental economics"

To narrow a search, add more keywords e.g. "environmental economics" and market*

To increase the number of search results, use synonyms e.g. (bank* or "financial institutions") and "economic policy"

The asterisk symbol * finds alternate word endings e.g. bank* finds bank, banks, banking etc

Search other library catalogues

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