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This guide will help you find quality resources for your economics studies and research.

Like to browse?


Here are some book numbers in econometrics, to browse on the library shelf or catalogue.

The ERC Library holds most of the mathematics collection in the 500's range.


Number Subject
330.015195 Econometrics


Portfolio management - math models


Markov chains


Statistical mathematics
519.53 Descriptive statistics, multivariate analysis
519.536 Regression analysis

Searching on your topic

Use a keyword search in the Library Catalogue e.g. "quantitative analysis"

To narrow a search, add more keywords e.g. "regression analysis" testing

To increase the number of search results, use synomyns in a search e.g. OLS or "ordinary least squares"

The asterisk symbol * finds alternate word endings e.g. estimat* finds estimate, estimated, estimation etc.