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Taiwan Studies: Locating Taiwan books

Online Catalogue

Quick Catalogue catalogue

The online catalogue is a gateway to physical resources in all University of Melbourne libraries. Material type includes books, journals, microform, maps and media. Electronic books and journals are also available to access via the library catalogue. 

The Library started online cataloguing in early 1980s. Chinese language materials catalouged after 1980 are included in the online catalogue using romanised form. CJK catalouging started in mid 1990s. Therefore, only 80% of the CJK bibliographic records contain CJK characters. Users are encouraged to use Pinyin romanisation for CJK catalogue searching. However, if you would like to conduct Chinese character searches, then the traditonal character input is essential for retrieving Taiwan books.

Pinyin Romanisation rules for Chinese Language Materials

  • Adopts Library of Congress “ Chinese romanization guidelines “
  • Adopts single syllable Pinyin, eg. Wen xue shi liao cong bian.
  • Personal name: joins together, eg. Deng Xiaoping, Shen Congwen.
  • Established name: follows Library of Congress practice, eg. Confucius.
  • Geographical name: follows US Board of Geographical Names. For details, see “Romanization of Chinese geographic names in descriptive and subject headings’ ( ).

Card Catalogue

  • The card catalogue is located at the Reference Room of the East Asian Library, 3rd floor, Baillieu Library.
  • There are about 5000 titles of Chinese books purchased before 1980 remaining in card format.
  • Catalogue cards are arranged in alphabetical order by Wade-Giles romanisation.
  • Pinyin users can visit the following web site to view the “Romanization Chart for Chinese Conversion from Pinyin to Wade-Giles System” ( ).

Chinese New Books

Click onto here to view the list of Chinese books recently added to the Collection.


 Airiti Books (Taiwan Studies) 華文電子書 

Coverage :Comprises of books focusing on Taiwan Studies, in the area of history, language and literature, philosophy, religion and social sciences.

Full-text Image System for Books of the Japanese- ruled Period 日治時期圖書全文影像系統 [Registry required]

Other library catalogues for ILL

Trove New national Australian Discovery Service, providing access to printed, electronic, pictorial, newspaper, research, map, music & archival materia.

WorldCat (OCLC)  Search portal for over 10,000 libraries worldwide.

Taiwan library catalogues

Academia Sinica Library

National Taiwan University

Metacat 整合查詢各圖書館

NBINet 國圖書書目資訊網

 臺灣文獻整合查詢系統.(《臺灣教育會雜誌》暨《臺灣建築會誌》影像資料庫 · 日治時期臺灣地圖資料庫 · 日治時期臺灣文獻電子書資料庫)