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Marketing Metrics

Resources on marketing metrics

Databases for analysing the macro-environment

The following are key resoures providing data and reports on the macro-environment.

  • Business Monitor International
    • Choose the region
    • Select the country
    • Select 'Country Risk' and click on 'Reports'
    • Download a quarterly Country Risk Report or Data.
  • MarketLine Advantage 
    • Search by geographies or industries for country-specific or global reports.
  • Passport GMID
    • From the toolbar select Economies
    • Economy, Finance and Trade
    • Country Reports
    • From the Select a Category drop down menu, click Economy, Finance and Trade
    • From the Choose a Geography drop down menu, select a country or region
    • View data in Country report and/or Economy, Finance and Trade report
  • EIU Country Data
    • Contains concise summaries of political and economic indicators on 201 countries with five-year forecasts.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics website
    • Releases
    • Statistical data