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Marketing Metrics

Resources on marketing metrics

When searching information

For a comprehensive list of relevant library resources go to the

Company information tab

in Company and Industry Information guide

You can find useful information elsewhere as well, for example:

  • company websites
  • annual reports
  • news paper articles

And finally, always check the date of the information that you are using.

Databases for analysing competitors and internal environment

This is not an EXCLUSIVE list. This is a "how to guide" to few databases for measuring marketing performance.

Before you start have a shortlist of companies you want to research.

    • Type in company
    • Choose Companies from a drop down menu
    • Select company name from list
    • Click on “Download full Report” to get .pdf
    • Large companies have SWOT Analysis
    • Type in company name in upper right hand search box
    • Filter results by Analysis: Company Profiles
    • Make sure you select the right subsidiary (geography, etc.)
    • You will also see relevant Articles about the company

Australian and international public and private companies

    • Type in company name, click Display Results
    • Select the right entity 
    • View by Everything or By section

For annual reports and SEC Filings

    • Go to Home
    • Select Search Original Documents from the Home page
    • Type in company name, click Display Results
    • You can narrow down by Country: AU
    • Go to the company record and view reports and filings

Web browser restrictions: this resource is not currently available for use with Firefox or IE.


Top 2,000 Australian companies and government bodies

    • Type in company name or ASX code
    • Select company name from list
    • You will be able to access a .pdf report

Australian public companies only

    • Type in company name or ASX cope in upper right hand search box
    • First page is corporate details
    • On the left hand side you can select history, management, financial data, annual reports and company announcements etc.

International public and private companies

    • Type in company name in upper right hand search box
    • Select Companies from the top down menu
    • Refine by Location
    • Click on name, you will have sections for overview, history, competition
    • Comprehensivenes varies based on the size of the company


Ticker or ASX code

A ticker or stock symbol is the abbreviation or code used to identify a company on a stock exchange.

Many of the databases in this guide will identify ticker symbols. There is also quick look-up site: