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Authorised Law Reports: United Kingdom – Early Law Reports

Authorised Law Reports of Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, United Kingdom and United States jurisdictions

UK English Reports

Law reports published before the founding of the Council of Law Reporting in 1865 were known as nominate reports. There are over 300 published nominate report series. Most of them have been reprinted in The English Reports (abbreviated ‘ER’) or the Revised Reports (abbreviated ‘RR’). Where available, citations of nominate reports should also include the relevant volume of ER or RR. The ER should be cited in preference to the RR.

UK English Reports and Examples of Nominate Reports

Title of Reporting Series Abbreviation of Report Series University of Melbourne Online Holdings University of Melbourne Print Holdings Example Citation (AGLC3 citation style)
English Reports ER

v.1 1220-v.176 1867


v.1 1677 - v.176 1867

Curling v Austin (1862) 62 ER 570
Revised Reports RR

v.1 1785-v.149 1866


v.1 1785 - v.149 1866 Eastwood v Lever (1863) 146 RR 234
Best & Smith’s Reports B&S Not available online v.1 1861 – v.10 1869 Caey v The Local Board of Health of Kingston upon Hull (1848) 5 B&S 815; 122 ER 1033
Deacon & Chitty Bankruptcy Reports Deac & Ch Not available online v.1 1832 – v.4 1835 Re Postle; Ex parte Bignold (1835) 4 Deac & Ch 259
Manson's Bankruptcy and Companies Winding-up Cases Mans Not available online v.1 1894 – v.12 1905 De Grelle & Co v Bull and Ward (1984) 1 Mans 118

For more information on early English law reporting, see the Legal History Research Guide.