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Authorised Law Reports: Canada

Authorised Law Reports of Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, United Kingdom and United States jurisdictions


Only three federal Canadian reports are authorised / official.

Court Title of Reporting series Abbreviation of Report Series University of Melbourne Online Holdings University of Melbourne Print Holdings Example Citation
(AGLC3 style)
Supreme Court of Canada

Canada Supreme Court Reports/Recueils des arrêts de la Cour suprême du Canada 1970-

Canada Law Reports: Supreme Court of Canada 1923-1969

Reports of the Supreme Court of Canada 1875-1922


1875 + Supreme Court of Canada website (open access)

1875 + Hein Online


R v Sharpe [2001] 1 SCR 45

Gazette Printing Co v Shallow (1909) 41 SCR 339

Federal Court of Canada

Federal Court Reports 1971-2003

Federal Courts Reports 2004 - 

FC (1971-2003)

FCR (2004-)

1971+ Lexis Advance Pacific 

1993 + Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada (open access)
Full text volumes in PDF are available from 2007.



AB v Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (TD) [2003] 1 FC 3

Exchequer Court of Canada

This court was replaced by the Federal Court of Canada in 1971.

Exchequer Court Reports Ex CR

1877 - 1971 Lexis Advance Pacific

Not available in hard copy The Coca-Cola Co of Canada Ltd v The Pepsi-Cola Co of Canada Ltd [1938] Ex CR 263

Common semi-official provincial report series include the AR, BCR, Nfld & PEIR, NWTR, OR, RJQ and YR. A semi-official provincial report series should only be cited where a decision is not reported in official report series. For information and holdings of other Canadian law report series and unreported decisions, refer to the Canadian Law Research Guide.