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Gender Studies

A guide to resources relevant to Gender Studies at the University of Melbourne Library

Finding books

The library catalogue

To find books on a particular subject, use a keyword search on the library catalogue. For example:

gender equality

gender and "media portrayal"

Keyword searching often retrieves a large number of results. You can limit your search by using AND and adding more keywords to retrieve resources that have both words in the record. For example:

media AND communication

Use OR to broaden your search to find material related to similar keywords in the one search:

gender AND (media OR "mass media" OR television OR TV)

Refer to the search tips for details on how to search on the library catalogue effectively. These tips also work with databases.

Another way to navigate the catalogue is to use the hyperlinked subject headings in item records. Once clicked on, these headings will show you related subjects around your area and the all the books that the library has related to that subject. Refer to the images below.


Screenshot example of subject headings in the library catalogue

As well as search the library catalogue, you can browse the library shelves at the following call numbers:

176 Ethics of sex & reproduction (including homosexuality, bisexuality, etc.)
303.482 Cultural exchanges
305.3 Gender identity (including social aspects)
305.389664 Sociology of gay men
305.42 Social role of women
304.43 Women's occupations
305.489664  Sociology of women
305.90664 Sociology of gays, Gay Liberation Movement
306 Culture, cultural anthropology, cultural studies relating to globalisation, post-modernism & celebrity
306.03 Cultural dictionaries & encyclopedias
306.1 Subcultures, resistance
306.7 Sexuality, transgression, etc.
306.765 Bisexuality
306.766 Homosexuality, queer theory
306.7662 Male homosexuality
306.7663 Lesbianism
306.768 Transgenderism
306.77 Transvestism
306.848 Gay marriage
331.53 Gay workers

If you can't find what you're looking for or an item is unavailable in the catalogue try the following options:

  • Search the BONUS+ catalogue to request an item from another university's library
  • Sign up for a CAVAL card to borrow from other Victorian libraries (including university, TAFE, and public libraries)
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