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Finding Journal Articles

Interpreting citations, finding peer-reviewed journal articles and locating relevant guides to assist in locating journal articles.

Locating Discipline Specific Resources

Databases which are used for multiple disciplines include: 

“Background of Old Books” By George Hodan [public domain].

In some cases, it can be useful to browse individual journal titles to find articles which are relevant to your research. In many cases, this can be done electronically by searching for the chosen journal in the A-Z e-journals list or on the catalogue and then browsing through recent issues, for instance. When searching for journals in this way, it is not necessary to know the exact title, simply use a subject term to find titles that may be relevant.

Alternatively, visit a branch and browse hard-copy journals. 

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Library Collections

The library of the University of the Basque Country By Vmenkov (Own Work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

To determine which databases are most relevant to your area of study, refer to the subject research guides created for your discipline. These provide in-depth information regarding research and there are often multiple guides which are relevant to any given subject.

You can search the guides from the subject research guides Welcome Page or select your subject area from the list provided.

Here are some guides that provide useful information for beginning research:

If you are having any difficulties locating relevant resources, do not hesitate to ask the library staff. Here are some useful avenues of contact:

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