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Finding Journal Articles

Interpreting citations, finding peer-reviewed journal articles and locating relevant guides to assist in locating journal articles.


Cross-Disciplinary Databases

The following databases cover a broad range of subject areas and thus can be used for most areas of research. Please note that some databases are citation only whereas other link directly to full text. In many instances the university will have access so check our holdings if you locate something relevant to your research.

Discipline-Specific Databases

The best way to locate databases specific to your area of research is to read the guides created for our librarians. These cover all subject areas and list the most authoritative resources, research tips and more. These can be searched or browsed by subject area.

LibGuides Homepage

Finding Related Material

Browsing Journals

In some cases, it can be useful to browse individual journal titles to find articles which are relevant to your research. In many cases, this can be done electronically by searching for the chosen journal in the A-Z e-journals list or on the catalogue and then browsing through recent issues, for instance. When searching for journals in this way, it is not necessary to know the exact title, simply use a subject term to find titles that may be relevant.

Alternatively, visit a branch and browse hard-copy journals. 

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Library Collections


Browsing via Databases

Many databases have the option to view related articles by directing the user to articles cited by the same author or articles cited by authors referred to in the article. Options to locate these are usually displayed as an additional feature in the search results. Check the database documentation if further information is required. Similarly, search terms allocated to articles may be hyperlinked to direct researchers to related material.