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Finding Journal Articles

Interpreting citations, finding peer-reviewed journal articles and locating relevant guides to assist in locating journal articles.

From Citation to Full Text

The results yielded from a Discovery search may include items which are not held by the University of Melbourne. Click on the 'Source it'  links to determine if we hold the item you are looking for. They look like this and will appear when using Discovery.

Source it


It may be necessary to interpret the results provided when using Source it. For example, there may be one entry for a periodical title when there are multiple volumes on shelf. Note that Source it will direct the user to print sources in addition to electronic sources.

If we don't hold the title you are looking for then you may be eligible to request the article via Interlibrary Loans

Alternatively, you could go to another library which holds the title and make a photocopy of the relevant article. Search Trove (the database of the National Library of Australia) to see if the periodical you require is held locally.

Many databases have the capability to track citations which means you can find out other sources which have cited a specific article.

The following subject research guide explains in detail how to do this:

Tracking Citations

Discovery results will indicate what type of resource each item is and will also display a pdf symbol or a source it symbol if the item is available via the University of Melbourne as illustrated in the example below.



Additionally, some resources may have been added to the digital repository as in the example shown below.