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Human Resource Management

A guide to resources for HRM studies and research.

Journal databases for HRM

Journals on HRM

Key journals that focus on human resource management:
These major journals will have articles on HRM as well:
    • Academy of Management Journal (BSP)  
    • Academy of Management Review (BSP
    • Administrative Science Quarterly (BSP
    • Journal of Management (SAGE Premier)
    • Journal of Organizational Behavior (Wiley Online Library) 
    • People and Strategy (BSP
    • Personnel Psychology (Wiley)  
Practitioner journals:

Peer-reviewed journal articles

You may be asked to use peer-reviewed journal articles for your assignment. These are articles published in journals that require articles to be reviewed by a group of academics in the field before they are accepted for publication.

Databases with peer-reviewed journal articles:

Key journals

Find highly ranked journals, grouped by field of research, in the ERA 2010 list.

Check a journal's ranking of in the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List 2013 or the ERA 2010 list.

Working papers and preprints

CCH Online Resources

CCH Online - Australia has detailed legislation, cases, and guides for human resources management in Australia, with a particular focus on:

  • discrimination
  • employment and HR
  • occupational health and safety.

Employment law

If you need to find information on employment law, a good starting point is the Australian Labour Law Guide created by the Law School.