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Humanities Education

This guide supports prep to year 12 humanities teaching, and humanities education research.

University of Melbourne Library Australian Curriculum resource guides

Resource Guide Description

These resource guides have been created by the Education Library team to outline ways the cross curriculum priority, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, can be integrated with Learning Areas from Foundation (prep) to year 10 within the Australian Curriculum.

Our guides show the connections between the Content Descriptions and the Elaborations from the Australian curriculum and suggests relevant resources from the Library's curriculum resource collections and online sources that can be accessed to support teacher knowledge and lesson planning.

Access the  'Cross Curriculum Priority & Torres Strait Islander histories & cultures guides for F-Year 6 and Years 7-10:

Curriculum links

Links to relevant sections of the Australian Curriculum website with information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross curriculum priorities.

The 8 Aboriginal ways of learning is an Aboriginal pedagogy framework which guides the incorporation of indigenous perspectives.

Curriculum links - Drama

The Ilbijerri Theatre Company has created a production called, Beautiful One Day, which is a quality example of a non-naturalistic ensemble performance and also provides an opportunity for teachers and students to explore the themes and social issues presented in the performance.

There are extensive education resources available to accompany, Beautiful One Day:

The BEAUTIFUL ONE DAY Education Resource is designed to provoke and support students’ as they journey through the world of the play. It is an engaging and comprehensive resource that supports the inclusion of the BEAUTIFUL ONE DAY performance on the VCE Drama Unit 3 Playlist.


Library Catalogue : Search for curriculum resources

Suggested terms to incorporate in your search:  (indigenous or Aborigin*) and australia*

You can search across all of our Education Curriculum Collections or you can select 1 of 6 specific collection. e.g. Picturebooks or Kits collection using the dropdown menu.

Further resources

Kookaburra Cave named after bird shaped hand stencil on rock made by ancient Indigenous Australians

Kookaburra Cave by greatlettuce used under CC By 2.0


ACER's research on Indigenous Education

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Important reports, theses & papers

The following articles, reports and theses have been identified as significant reading material as they are relevant to Australian Indigenous Education, have been sourced from highly reputable organisations and authors and have also been cited in other works.