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Analyzing Statistics

Information and resources for students and users of statistical analysis of data.

Finding journals articles, conference proceedings & more

Photo of a hand writingJournal articles & more

To find journal articles, and other resources, such as conference papers and reports:

  • Search across most of the journals and other content the library subscribes to using Discovery.
  • Conduct a more thorough and advanced search by searching individual databases:
    • From the library homepage click the A-Z Databases link.
    • Click the 'Subject' link above the search box.
    • Select a subject from the list such as 'Engineering' or 'Science'.
    • Select an appropriate sub-category and click the 'Go' button.
    • Browse through the list of databases and click the 'i' button to the right for more information.
    • Click on a database name to access it.
  • Access specific journals via the A-Z eJournals link on the library homepage.

You can access some key databases directly by clicking the links in the box below:

Some Bibliographical Databases in Statistics

Note that there are many other bibliographical databases accessible through Discovery, specific to other disciplines, but usually covering applications of statistics.
Some particularly relevant databases are: -

High Impact Statistics journals

This selection is based on a list in ISI Journal Citation Reports®. There are other methods for evaluating journals.

Some Other Significant Statistics Journals