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Analyzing Statistics

Information and resources for students and users of statistical analysis of data.

Electronic Books

For information about e-books accessible through the Library, please see the following library resource guides : -

There are also a few electronic textbooks, available freely on the web, which might be of interest: -

  • The Electronic Statistics Textbook ( ) has comprehensive discussions of a wide range of topics, and an excellent glossary;  while the
  • Engineering Statistics Handbook ( ) has much information on applications to engineering.
  • The Probability and statistics EBook ( ) is also a textbook, mainly on Statistics. Note that it is a wiki, so you might need to verify the information elsewhere.

Browsing for resources

Browse by subject:

Once you find a good book in the library catalogue, click on the subject links at the bottom of the record to find more items on that topic, e.g.

For applications of statistics in a particular subject or discipline, you can also use the subject name + the term Statistical methods, e.g. Engineering - statistical methods.

Browse by Dewey:

Items in the library are shelved by subject using Dewey numbers, for example:

  • 001.422  Statistics in general research (collection, analysis, presentation)
  • 005.55 Statistical Software (e.g. R, SPSS, SAS etc.)
  • 519.5  Mathematical theory of statistics - general
    • 519.52  Theory of sampling
    • 519.53 Descriptive statistics incl. cluster analysis
      • 519.532 Frequency distributions (see also 519.24 Probability distributions)
      • 519.535 Multivariate analysis
      • 519.536 Regression analysis
    • 519.54 Statistical inference
      • 519.542 Statistical decisions (including Bayesian decision theory)
      • 519.544 Estimation theory
      • 519.546 Survival analysis, other 'time-to-event' data. and censored data
    • 519.55 Analysis of time-series
    • 519.56 Theory of statistical hypothesis testing
    • 519.57 Design of experiments

Look up a Dewey number and:

  1. Browse the shelves at that number, or
  2. Browse virtually by searching the catalogue by call number.

Note: If you would like more information about the Library catalogue, please view the online tutorial Getting started.