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Australian Law in Japanese

This guide is an overview of Australian legal resources, designed for Japanese speaking students studying at the University of Melbourne.

Australia オーストラリア

Legal system overviews and legal research tools: 法制度の概要、法研究のためのプログラム

Globalex Guide to Online Research Resources for the Australian Federal Legal System with some Reference to the State Level by Petal Kinder (オーストラリア連邦政府法制度(一部州レベルを含む)のオンライン研究資料へのガイド)

Australian Parliamentary Library guide to Australian Law on the Internet  (インターネット掲載のオーストラリアの法律に関する、オーストラリア国会図書館によるガイド)

Researching Australian Law by Nicholas Pengelley and Sue Milne on LLRX (オーストラリアの法律研究)

Parliament of Australia Parliamentary Library (オーストラリア国会図書館)

Information and analytical services from the Parliamentary Library include current and historical information about Senators and Members, Ministries, elections and referenda, a comprehensive list of Commonwealth Royal Commissions,  and subject specific papers on topical legal issues in series such as Background Notes and Research Papers.



Australia オーストラリア