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Legal History Research: Newspapers & journals

Resources for researching Australian legal history

UK Historical Newspapers

Court cases and commentary were often reported in newspapers of the time. The resources below contain digitised copies historical newspapers.

Australian Historical Newspapers

Newspapers are sometimes the only publicly available record of a court case, especially for cases heard in the lower courts such as the Magistrates and County Court, or cases tried by a jury in any court.

Source: State Library of Victoria, Court cases in Australia

The resources below provide access to historical national, regional and local newspapers.

Newspaper Research Guides

See the Research Guide 'Finding News' for more information on newspaper holdings.

The State Library of Victoria also has a research guide on How to find items in newspapers.

UK Historical Journals and Indexes

Journals may contain reports or commentary on legal issues. Some sources are listed below.

Australian Historical Journals

Indexes can be useful to trace historical journal articles. The Current Australian and New Zealand legal literature index covers the period 1973 to 1987.

Sources of historical Australian journals include:

Finding Journal Articles

Indexes can be used to trace historical journal articles. Several relevant indexing databases are available: